Excel 365 now has Nested Linked Data Types

Something new in Excel 365 Linked Data Types is nested data types.  If a data field can itself be linked to another data type, Excel will add it automatically.

See the ‘Director’ names (from the Movie data type) have little icons next to them?  That’s because Excel has added the People data type when we added the Director field from Movies.

That means we can get more information about that person by adding a column of people linked data.

The movie list with photos of the directors and their place of birth, when available.

The ‘Place of Birth’ is also a Location data type which can provide even more data.  We took this to an extreme adding Country (from Place of Birth) and then Capital City (from Country). Both of those are Location data types themselves. Finally a map of the capital city location.

That’s a clever little extra in Linked Data Types. Watch out when adding more linked fields, make sure you choose the correct linked data source from the several available.

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