Find your place in the company with Outlook’s Org Explorer

Org Explorer is a new part of Outlook for Windows that shows where you fit in an organization.  Who is ‘above’ and ‘below’ or near your place in the company?

For Microsoft 365 hosted accounts, Org Explorer appears on the Home tab, on the right-side under the Find chunk.

Microsoft says the new app is a ‘pleasing visual display’ which lets people “contextualize, visualize, and explore” the staff and teams around them.

Source: Microsoft

Click on a card or icon to view details like email, phone, location and grandmothers shoe size (maybe not that last one).

Who gets Org Explorer?

At present, Org Explorer is only available in Office 365 for Windows, Beta/Fast Insiders channel v2106 build 14122.20004 and later.

A Microsoft 365 Enterprise hosted account is required.

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