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Inside the new Microsoft 365 Subscription Benefits Center

Coming to Microsoft 365 for Windows is the Subscription Benefits Center, a new way to introduce innovations in Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook.

It appears as a diamond icon at top right.

Source: Microsoft

That opens a pane over your existing document with three tabs, Home, Apps & Benefits and Premium Features.

Here’s how it currently looks. Keep in mind that the Subscription Benefits Center will change over time.


Has links to the other two tabs.

Apps and Benefits

Promotion of other apps in the Office range. Currently it’s Office mobile, OneDrive, Editor and Outlook’s links to a range of mail hosts.

Premium Features

Again a plug for Editor then the premium content (images, videos, fonts, illustrations etc.), templates, PowerPoint Designer, Money and Insights in Excel.

It’s all fairly harmless and informative for anyone (everyone?) having trouble keeping up with all the changes in Microsoft 365.

In the future, Microsoft will probably use these new panes to sell other products or ‘opportunities’ such as the ‘partner offers’ (promotional lures) around in early 2020.

Who gets it?

Subscription Benefits Center is currently in Insiders versions of Office 365 for Windows, v 2103 build 13901.20140 and later.

It requires Windows 10 and, it seems, only for consumer Microsoft 365 plans (Family or Personal).

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