Easy to see Text Cursor choices in Windows 11 and 10

Windows lets you make the text cursor stand out on your screen. Additionally, you can edit the text cursor thickness to improve its visibility in Word, Outlook and anywhere you type. Changing the cursor is especially helpful in finding your place in Word.

With the optional Text cursor indicator preview, the typing position is very easy to see in Excel (left) and Word (right). The color and size of the indicator are up to you.

So how do we go about it? Office Watch has already explained about ways to make your mouse cursor easier to see in Windows 10 and 11,

Windows 11

To adjust the text cursor, go to Windows Icon | Settings | Accessibility | Text Cursor

Text Cursor Thickness

Users can easily adjust the thickness of the Text Cursor by sliding the scale to their preferred size. The further to the right of the scale, the greater the thickness.

Once you’ve chosen your settings, the indicator will be very visible to users on the screen, highlighting the position of the cursor. It can be used in many places, such as text editors, File Explorer and Office apps such as our Word example below.

The thicker cursor options might be too wide (the above cursor looks more like a single letter selection).

Text Cursor Indicator

The Text Cursor Indicator is a feature normally set to off – however, you have the option to turn this on through the same settings. It might be more helpful than a thicker cursor.

Once you’ve set this to on, you can use the sliding scale to adjust the size, as well as the recommended colors. You can select the plus sign next to Choose another color to search through a variety of different options or pinpoint down to the exact colour by choosing the RGB, HSV or Hex Color Code.

Here we’ve used one of the recommended colors and made the text cursor much larger to be seen on the screen. The style, size and color you choose will automatically be updated to your cursor on the screen. You can then see this in action through other applications such as Word.

Both features can be setup together to really draw your attention to the active point of your document.

Windows 10

The same options are in Windows 10 at Settings | Ease of Access | Text Cursor.

The result is the same, just like this in Excel

Make your Mouse Cursor easier to see in Windows 10 and 11
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