Extra Drop Cap trick using online pictures in Word

If you want even more flair with your Microsoft Word drop cap letters, why not take advantage of the Microsoft online images range? 

See Simple Drop Caps Word for the basics of Word Drop Caps and Fancy Drop Caps in Word for a lot more. 

Click where you want a drop cap letter to appear and navigate to “Insert | Pictures | Online Pictures”. This will display the “Online Pictures” box. Search for the letter you want to use (e.g. type “T” into the “Search for” box and hit enter). Simply select your image and click insert. 

The letter may appear very large or very small within your document, so resize it if necessary. 

Right-click the image of your letter to format it.  For example, cropping the image slightly, setting Wrap Text to ‘tight’ or ‘square’.  

Really fancy and clever Drop Caps in Word
Drop Caps in Word
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