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Office Lens leaves Microsoft Store but lives on!

As we mentioned back in October, Office Lens has been dropped from the Microsoft Store but it’s not the end of Lens, far from it.

Microsoft announced that the cloud services backing Lens features would be disabled from 1 January 2021.

Only Office Lens for Windows 10 and Windows Mobile are affected.

Saved documents retained

Any documents made by Office Lens should be safe, saved in your OneDrive account.

Use OneDrive app in Windows 10

The OneDrive app for Windows 10 has a limited version of Office Lens.  Open the app (not the web page), choose and image and look for ‘Office Lens’ on the ribbon.

That will straighten and crop a photo automatically, without the nice options available in the Apple/Android apps.  Those apps let you crop an image before it’s straighten and converted to text (OCR).

iPhone / iPad / Android apps OK

Lens apps for  iPhone/iPad and Android  still work fine.  In addition to the ‘all in one’ Office app which has some of the Lens features.

If you want to convert an image or images into a PDF or Word document, Office Lens is the way to go.

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