Elizabeth Line designs for Word, PowerPoint and Office 

The Elizabeth Line (aka Crossrail) is now open in London, a major new tube line crossing the city.  Here’s the roundel and color scheme for the new line in a format ready for Word, PowerPoint and Office. 

The same design elements can be used for any other London Tube line (real or imaginary) or totally unrelated reason. 


The famous circle and bar logo used in London and elsewhere is called a Roundel.  Here’s a version of the roundel made in Word with a font supplied with Microsoft 365. 

The font isn’t an exact replica but quite close.  We’ll talk about fonts below. 

Colors for London Tube lines

Each London tube line has its own color that’s used in the roundel circle, signs and the famous Underground Map. 

For the Elizabeth Line it’s purple, specifically Pantone 266C. For Office users that’s either Hex #6950A1 or RGB 105,80,161. 

The roundel bar is always blue, specifically ‘Tfl Blue’, Pantone 072C Hex #1C3F94   RGB: 28,63,148 

Transport for London font

Transport for London (Tfl to its friends) has the exclusive use of the Johnston100 font. 

Johnston100 Medium is used for headings, like the text in a roundel sign. 

There are several free alternatives to the Johnston font. 




In Office 365 a close match is Gill Sans Nova, a cloud font

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