Microsoft outages hurt lots of paying 365 customers

Microsoft Outlook and Teams had a horror Monday (and now into Tuesday) with cloud service outages affecting many paying and unhappy customers.

The peak trouble was around 11am (US Eastern time) Monday 5th June. 

UPDATE: As we type this, there’s a new Exchange Online (Microsoft 365 hosting) outage. According to Microsoft “Users may be intermittently unable to access their Exchange Online mailbox via any connection method.” at Tuesday 6 June 2023 1:32 PM UTC (9:32AM in New York).

If you’re still having trouble, we suggest shutting down the app (Outlook or Teams) and restarting to force a fresh login.

The main problem was with Outlook in a web browser but extended to other Microsoft 365 hosted services including any Outlook app trying to access their online mailbox.

Customers were greeted with “HTTP Error 503: The service is unavailable” errors.  Even after the 503 errors were cleared, customers could not send messages for some time.

Microsoft was typically obtuse about the specifics of the outage and who were affected. Though the company was unusually specific about non-Exchange problems arising. Here’s their list of troubles, as usual there’s a lot of ‘may’ and ‘might’ in an attempt to minimize the apparent distruption.

Microsoft Teams

– Users may have had difficulties scheduling meetings and/or live events
– Users may have had trouble loading people profile cards
– Users may have had issues loading file lists
– Users may have been unable to create new teams & channels
– Users may have been unable to install apps
– Users may have experienced issues performing searches
– Users may have seen delays in admin policy changes taking effect
– Users might have seen errors when using messaging extensions
– Users may have been unable to view up to date Presence information
– Teams Graph APIs may have been impacted
– Assignments tab in Teams may have not loaded
– Teams Admin Center functionalities were not performing as expected

SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business

– Users may have been unable to use Search functionality

Microsoft Power Automate in Microsoft 365

– Users were unable to trigger flows using Office 365 connectors in Microsoft Power Automate

Power Apps in Microsoft 365

– Users were unable to run apps in Power Apps that utilize Office 365 connectors
– Flows using the Office 365 Groups, Groups Mail, Outlook, Users, and Videos connectors may have been impacted