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What I’m looking forward to at this year’s Edinburgh Festivals

Some readers may know that the Office Watch head honcho, Peter Deegan, goes to the famous Edinburgh Festivals each year.  Here’s some shows he’s looking forward to seeing and a few sadly MIA in 2023.

Get the most for less money (and hassle) at the Edinburgh Festivals

Get some Excelf-esteem in Edinburgh this August

Mitch Benn

Mitch has been doing great shows in Edinburgh for longer than anyone, including he, can remember.  Funny and insightful songs with commentary.  Mitch’s show is a ‘must see’ each year I hit the Edinburgh Festivals.

Mitch Benn – The Point  Mitch usually meets his audience after the show and sells a USB ‘stick’ with songs and copies of his ebooks, including the delightful Terra trilogy. 

Jo Caulfield

Last year, Jo did a very funny and well-constructed stand-up show that was a ‘Pick of the Fringe’.  She’s back again this year with Jo Caulfield: Razor-Sharp

Compilation shows

There are many ‘pick of’, ‘best of’ shows in the Fringe and Free Fringe. These give comics a chance to show their stuff in a tight ten minutes or so. If you’re in Edinburgh for only a few days, these compilation shows give you good value for your time and money.

Filthy Funny Females is my ‘go to’. Buy a ticket in advance to guarantee entry or turn up for free with a donation at the end of the show.

Optimistic: Elizabeth Holmes

Sarah Deller’s show about Elizabeth Holmes (now in jail for fraud). A devised verbatim play, based on interviews, newly released trial exhibits, text messages, and Holmes’s personal notes.

Beautiful Evil Things

Ad Infinitum presents a new look at Medea. A four star rated show by The Guardian.

Dugsi Dayz

Side eYe Productions presents four Somali students stuck in dugsi detention.  A sell out in London with performances around Britain including the Bristol Old Vic.


Dutch Kills presents Wolf 359’s personal, interactive show for one person at a time.

“… you’ve been hired to fill in. In this interactive show for one, you’ll explore her cubicle, answer her phone and receive her faxes as the story of Sarah Jane unfolds. Sit down, send an email and experience a meditation on life and death between the cells of an Excel spreadsheet”

As you might imagine, the mention of ‘Excel’ caught my eye.

Wish you were here

Some acts that I look forward to seeing in Edinburgh are sadly missing from the 2023 lists.

Nick Revell

Nick Revell – it’s hard to think of a Edinburgh Festival without enjoying Nick’s hilarious recounting of his last year (sort of) sitting in a cozy basement room.  Always a lot of fun. Strangely I’ve never seen Nick perform above street level., coincidence or acrophobia?

Gin Palace Productions

Gin Palace Productions – I first saw their show about Marnie Nixon and it was a revelation. Sam Nixon and Alasdair Carson-Sheard have also made charming shows about Noel Coward, Gertrude Lawrence and Julie Andrews.  Vastly underappreciated in the crowd of shows in Edinburgh, I hope they return in 2024.

Fred Macaulay

Fred Macaulay – Where’s Fred?  He’s conspicuously absent from the August lists even though his web site suggests his new show would be at the 2023 Fringe.  Much missed.

Get the most for less money (and hassle) at the Edinburgh Festivals

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