Office 14

For the sake of superstition the next version of Office won’t be called ’13’

Office 2007 is known inside Microsoft as ‘Office 12’ and that naming is seen in some of the folders and version numbering in the release product.

The next version of Office for Windows will be known as ‘Office 14’.

Office 13 is being skipped for the benefit of the superstitious.

The code-numbering is entirely arbitrary anyway since the numbering started with Word v1, v2 then jumped to v6 – the latter was a marketing trick to make people think that Word v6 was as developed as WordPerfect v6. Don’t laugh, it worked.

Office 14 is still on the drawing boards – any talk of release date, features or pricing is pure guess work.

Between now and then there will be a lot of changes in the Office suite area, as witnessed by the latest trial release by Google …

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