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Genuinely great screen saver

We’ve found a screen saver that truly keeps evolving and has really wonderful graphics

There are plenty of screen savers available but most don’t hold our interest after a short time and we’re back to the My Pictures screensaver in Windows (which shows a random set of images from your hard drive).

Now we’ve found one that truly keeps evolving and has really wonderful graphics. takes it’s name from the famous Phillip K Dick book – Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep.

This screen saver consists of different designs called ‘sheep’ which are combined to make new designs over time.  Users vote for designs they like or despise by pressing the up and down arrow key (a cute sheep appears on the screen).

The graphics are gorgeous and very high resolution on Windows, Mac or Linux.  It’s an open source project started with Scott Draves.

The initial download is around 1MB but downloading sheep can take a lot of bandwidth.  The sheep cache folder can grow to 1GB or more.  This is not a screen saver for people on a dial-up connection.

Tip:  the default Windows sheep cache is under the windows/system32 folder.  We changed it to another location so it can be backed up with other folders.

The downside to Electric Sheep is that the display is way too captivating, you can spend time sitting back and watching the designs changing.  I might go back to a collection of travel photos just so I can get some work done.

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