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Windows 8 for Microsoft Office users

A new ebook from Office Watch, more detail, less hype.

We’re delighted to announce a brand new title from Office Watch. Windows 8 for Microsoft Office users is now available.

After the success of Office 2010: the real startup guide we decided to do something similar for Windows 8.

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Windows 8 for Microsoft Office users is an unvarnished look at Windows 8 with a focus on the new and changed features that apply to Microsoft Office users.

Stuff you need to know, in depth and without the Microsoft hype.

In Windows 8 there are great new features like File History and Storage Spaces that can make a lot of difference to how Office users work and help you recover past versions of documents.

There are also familiar parts of Windows like Explorer , Libraries and Search which deserve more attention because they have a lot more power than most of us realize. Windows 8 for Microsoft Office userslooks into all these unappreciated parts of Windows in detail.

Start Menuhas good and bad points. We’ll show you how to make the most of the new menu and how to ‘fix’ it to show what you want. Plus we’ll show you how to ditch the full screen Start Menu in favor of something more familiar and appropriate for your current computer.

A lot of Windows 8 is hidden away with invisible corner tricks and shortcut keys. We’ll show you all the neat stuff that Microsoft has hidden from view.

Think you know Explorer? There are plenty of tricks and shortcuts in Explorer and the Office file dialogs that we’ll cover in detail that’s often overlooked.

File History is a brand new backup and versioning system in Windows 8.It’s a great way for Office users to backup their files and recover previous versions of a document.

Storage Spaces is a clever new way to manage hard drive space with more reliably and flexibility. We’ll take you through Storage Spaces in detail with advice on the hardware best suited to the new feature.

BitLocker is a high quality disk encryption system that protects your computer and documents from theft.It’s important for anyone with sensitive or private documents or a portable computer so we’ve devoted a long chapter to BitLocker.

Hyper-V is Microsoft’s way to run a ‘computer within a computer’. Hyper-V is the best way to run multiple versions of Office and avoid the conflicts you get when installing Office ‘side-by-side’ on the one computer. We’ll show you how to setup a Hyper-V machine with both Windows and Office installed.

All this for a low price of just $9.95 for Office Watch subscribers (usually $17.95). Windows 8 for Microsoft Office users is over 310 pages long with full-color images throughout.

How to get it

Windows 8 for Microsoft Office users is available now.

We’re offering a substantial discount to Office Watch subscribers, just $9.95an $8.00 saving click here.
As usual, there are options in Canadian dollars, UK Sterling, Euro and Aussie dollars click here with choices to pay with a credit card via Paypal or Google Wallet

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