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Google puts 'Office' right into Android

Another arrow is thrust right into Microsoft Office.

Google continues its moves against Microsoft Office with the announcement that the next version of Android will include their direct rival for Office.

Android 4.4 aka ‘KitKat’ will include QuickOffice which lets you create and edit Microsoft Office documents directly (Word, Excel and PowerPoint). Saving is via Google Drive.

That’s a logical next step since QuickOffice (purchased by Google mid-2012) is now available free to anyone using an Android or Apple iOS device.

With ‘KitKat’ you won’t even have to download and install ‘QuickOffice’ because it will be included with the operating system.

If you don’t get the Android 4.4 update, have an Apple device or just can’t wait for ‘KitKat’, get QuickOffice now from the links above.

So while Microsoft gives us a lame and subscription only ‘Office Mobile’ for iPhone and Android:

  • Google gives us a more powerful option for free.

  • Apple releases their iWork apps free for all new iPad, iPhone or Mac computer. Previously they were a measly $10 each.

Perhaps Redmond is still suffering from the delusion that this Apple/Android tablet thing is just a passing fad? Surely people will flock back to the ‘true’ Microsoft faith when they see the error of their ways? Sorry guys, not only has the competition streaked ahead but you’re barely in the race.

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