Secret Office Mobile for iPhone update

No details on an update to Office for iPhone.

Microsoft has pushed out an update to Office for iPhone and it achieves a new low in the sad history of updates to Office software. is accustomed to Microsoft updates with poor documentation and we’ve written about them for many years.

But no Office update ever stooped as low as a two word explanation: ‘Bug Fixes’.

Office for iPhone 1.0.1 update notice image from Secret Office Mobile for iPhone update at

That’s it, a two word explanation is all customers get with version 1.0.1 .

We’ve searched the Microsoft Knowledge Base and there’s little about Office Mobile for iPhone at all, let alone an explanation of what’s in the 21 August update.

Some other iPhone apps release updates with little explanation, but that’s perhaps excusable for small team developers focused on code and features.

Microsoft is an enormous company with whole teams devoted just to documentation. Surely one of these Redmond wordsmiths could have been delegated to bash out some paragraphs about the update? Maybe whole meetings were held, face-to-face or via Lync, just to come up with ‘Bug Fixes’?

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