The NeverEnding Office 2007 updates

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Updating Office 207 can literally go on forever!

Many users are reporting a problem with the patches for Office 2007. The three troublemakers are: (KB 2760583) (KB 2760411) (KB 2760588)

No matter how many times you install them, manually or automatically. Given the widespread nature of the problem, across different versions of Windows and types of Office installation, it’s hard to understand how this bug got past Microsoft’s supposedly comprehensive testing regimes.

All three KB articles have been belatedly tagged with this note:

You may be repeatedly offered this update even though it is already installed. Microsoft is researching this problem and will post more information in this article when the information becomes available. “

What to do?

Try to install the updates, you may be lucky and they’ll install once and only once.

If you get into a loop with Windows Update trying to install, over and over, go to the list of updates in Windows Update. Find the updates listed above, right-click and choose ‘Hide Update’ for each of the three patches.

Windows Update - hide update image from The NeverEnding Office 2007 updates at

Then Windows Update should stop trying to reinstall those patches.

We all then wait until Microsoft figures out how to stop the bug. Hopefully that will be in a way that requires no intervention from customers except to unhide the patches.

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