Converting list of contacts into a Contact Group

Here’s how to convert a list of contacts into an Outlook Contact Group.

Often, the need for a Contact Group isn’t obvious from the start. We realize that we’re sending emails to the same people over and over again and they really should be in a Contact Group.

How to convert an email TO list like this:

Into a contact group like this:

Notice that the contacts list has existing contacts (Bruce and Fred) but the rest are email addresses alone.

At first look, it seems that you have to type each name or email address individually into the Contact Group.  There’s no obvious option to bulk add members.

The Hidden Trick

But there is a hidden way.

Open a sent email to the group of people and copy the list of recipients.

Choose Add Members | From Outlook Contacts.

Make sure that your main Contacts list (or whichever contact list applies) is selected.  That’s to ensure a match between the list you enter and the existing contacts.

At the bottom of the Select Members dialog is an entry field. Paste the list of recipients from the sent email into that box:

Press OK and the recipients will be added to the Contact Group.

You might get an error and have to tinker with the list before it’s accepted.

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