to close

Just a few months after a privacy warning about, the Microsoft document sharing site is to close.

15 December 2017

The closure is happening on 15 December 2017, so there’s plenty of time to make the move.  All files and documents in your account will be deleted on that date.

Microsoft has created a migration tool to move files to OneDrive.  Login to your account to see a closure notice and migration link.

After migration, the links to your files will continue to work with a redirection to the new OneDrive location.  Those redirected links will work until 15 May 2018.

See vs Onedrive – What’s the difference?

No surprise

Microsoft was half-hearted about . It briefly appeared as a Share location in Office 2016 for Windows before being dropped.

OneDrive can share documents (editing or read-only) so having a second web site made little sense.

‘Closing’ – no!

Of course, Microsoft can’t bring itself to simply say is being closed down.

Typical 21st Century corporate speak, is being ‘retired’ … Sigh.


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