Sharing Draft Outlook emails on Apple, Android and the Outlook app

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It would useful to make a draft email on a phone or tablet (maybe some quick notes) to later revise and send from Outlook for Windows/Mac.  Alas, that’s not possible because of some curious decisions by Microsoft and other device makers.

The Drafts folder isn’t always available to sync with the main mailbox.  Often draft emails are only saved on that device.  Grrrrr.

You’re welcome to try syncing the Drafts folder on your Apple, Android or Windows device (we’d love to know if you have any success).


Our test Android devices let you choose the Drafts folder for syncronization (the default is OFF).  But even after turning it on, it stubbornly refuses to exchange items with the server.  Not sure why, you might have better luck.


The Apple Mail app connected to Exchange Server has a local Drafts folder only.  It doesn’t show any items from the server Drafts.

Outlook apps

The hyped Outlook apps don’t even show the Drafts folder as available for synchronization.  Any draft messages your write in the app, stay on the device.

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