Our great Office 2016 book is ready now

We’re delighted to announce that our champion Office 2016 ebook has been updated, yet again, to include new and added features for the main Windows version of Microsoft Office.

A bit like Office itself, Office 2016: the real startup guide is updated to keep pace with the improvements in Office 2016 itself.  As an ebook, we can keep it relevant and current much faster and cheaper than paper books.

Anyone who has bought Office 2016: the real startup guide can get the latest update simply by downloading from their ebook account.

Buy now, Office 2016: the real startup guide is now over 635 pages, in full color and easily searchable.  Written for ‘Office 2016 for Windows’ both Office 365 (subscription) and perpetual (one time) licence.

Excel Map Charts

The main feature in this edition is Excel Map Charts. The book has a chapter devoted to this new part of Excel because we like it think it deserves more use.  Excel Map Charts is a much easier way to make maps based on your Excel data.

Previous methods were complicated and messy, but Excel Map Charts is much better.

Of course, it’s not perfect and the book talks about some of the annoyances plus how to fix your data so Excel will make the map you want.


Microsoft has done a lot of work on the accessibility part of Office.  How to make documents that are easier to read for people with various disabilities (sight, reading etc.)

There are improved Read / Speak options for having a document read aloud to you.

Dictate is an improved ‘speech to text’ system using Cortana voice recognition.

But wait, there’s more …

  • Learning Tools
  • Emoji font
  • Dubai font and related symbols
  • Quickstarter for PowerPoint
  • Translator for Outlook

Plus all the existing chapters about Office 2016 for Windows – new and changed features since it’s first release.

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