Outlook apps have Shared Calendars

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Shared Calendars is now available for the Outlook apps for Android and Apple devices.

The Outlook app for iOS was recently updated to include shared calendars.

This brings the Outlook apps into line with this important Outlook for Windows/Mac feature.

Shared Calendars let one person make their appointments visible or even editable by someone else.

In an organization, team members can see each other’s calendar to make sure everyone is available for a meeting.

Personal Assistants often can view and change the calendar of their ‘boss’.

In a family, calendars can be viewed for each member of the family.  Parents, for example, can add family gatherings to their kids calendars directly.  Busy couples can schedule more easily by peeking at their calendars.

Shared Calendars within Outlook programs or apps requires Exchange Server hosting (including Office 365 hosted accounts) or Outlook.com.

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