Microsoft update mystery: Segoe UI emoji font

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Part of the July 2018 updates to Office is a change to the Segoe UI emoji font but Microsoft is keeping the details a mystery.

Segoe UI emoji is a Microsoft Office font which includes many standard Emoji characters though the emoji don’t look the same across different devices or software.

microsoft update mystery segoe ui emoji font 19579 - Microsoft update mystery: Segoe UI emoji font

Any changes to Segoe UI emoji are important because they might affect compatibility with other devices.

Maybe new emoji have been added?  Or perhaps emoji designs changed?  Microsoft knows but won’t say.

There’s no way to know from Microsoft boilerplate notice which merely says “This update provides an updated Segoe UI emoji font.”.

Which version?

No details on what’s changed not even a version number so people can check which font release they have.

We’ve had a look and it seems the new Segoe UI Emoji is version 1.20


This is typical Microsoft arrogance to customers.  Knowledge Base articles are mostly boilerplate text, copied over and over again with little truly relevant detail.  The aim is to obscure, not inform

Vale Microsoft Typography?

Microsoft Typography group has neglected their once excellent site to the extent that Segoe UI Emoji isn’t even mentioned.  The site was supposed to be updated in Oct 2017 but it’s more outdated than that.

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