Why Office 365 coming to the Mac App Store is a bad move

Later this year, you’ll be able to buy an Office 365 annual ‘subscription direct from the App Store on a Mac.  Buying through the App Store will be a bad move for any Mac users.

That was one of the lesser noticed announcements at Apple’s WWDC 2018 conference.

The whole App Store is being redesigned and companies like Adobe and Snap will also join the new App Store.

Source: Apple

Office 365 is already sold via the Microsoft Store (formerly Windows Store) in Windows.

“Office 365 provides the best of both worlds for Mac users — a productivity experience that is unmistakably Office, but specifically designed for the Mac,” said Kirk Koenigsbauer, corporate vice president at Microsoft. “We’re excited to provide our joint customers with easy access to downloads and updates by bringing Office to the newly redesigned Mac App Store.”

Microsoft didn’t mention the shortcomings of Office for Mac compared to Office for Windows.  For example, the long standing inability to embed fonts in documents … a failing that makes a mockery of Redmond’s hype about document compatibility.  See also Alternatives to font embedding.

Pay more … get the same

Buying from the Mac App store will be the most expensive way to get Office 365. Just like buying from the Microsoft Store or direct from the Microsoft web site is just throwing money away.

Most likely, Office 365 be sold at the full retail price when you can get cheaper prices elsewhere for the same package.

Office 365 money saving roundup

Office 365 money saving roundup has a summary of some savings possibilities.  Office 2016: the real startup guide has an entire chapter devoted to buying Microsoft Office for the least cost.