Office for Android updates for July 2018

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Android users can get some extra features like Word count and landscape editing of PowerPoint slides in the July 2018 updates to Office for Android apps.

Version 16.0.10325.20043 of the apps are now available.  Most likely, Google Play will update your device automatically.

Word Count in Word for Android

The document word count appears as you scroll through the document, alongside the page position and total pages (e.g. 2 of 12).  This now appears to work reliably.

Source: Microsoft

PowerPoint edit in landscape

According to Microsoft, it should be possible to edit a slide in landscape (not just view slides).

Source: Microsoft

Alas, we can’t get it to work on any of our test devices.  Perhaps there’s some limitations regarding screen size etc?

As usual, Microsoft gives their customers no proper information beyond the bare minimum.

Office for Android apps

The Microsoft Office apps for Android devices are available to everyone with some extras for Office 365 subscribers.  Use these links to get them

There’s also Outlook for Android – which Microsoft promotes mercilessly. You’re better off with the separate email, calendar and contacts apps that come with Android.

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