Office ‘Learning’ features are good for everyone

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Microsoft has previewed new Office features targeted at students and teaches, however many are good for the wider public too.

For example, Dictation is coming to Word for Windows, Word Online, PowerPoint for Windows, Outlook Desktop, OneNote Windows 10, and OneNote Online with support for at least nine languages.

Source: Microsoft

It’s being hyped as “This simple yet transformational tool will help students of all abilities to write freely by using only their voice”.   As if only students will benefit from an improved Speech to Text tool? previewed Dictate in mid-2017 when it was a trial or ‘Garage’ project.  It will be interesting to see what changes, hopefully improvements, have been made.

Read Aloud

Read Aloud will speak your Word document text.  Coming soon, the same feature will be available in Outlook for Windows.

Immersive Reader

This is the reading mode in Word with options to change column width, background color, text spacing and syllable breaks.

Source: Microsoft

This view will soon be available on Word for Mac, iPhone, and Android, as well as Outlook Desktop and OneNote for iPhone, iPad, and Mac.

There are other changes coming for Office 365 Education users, as advised by Microsoft:

  • Dictation in Office will begin rolling out in our Office Insider program this month, and then to all Office 365 customers in coming months.
  • Read Aloud for Outlook Desktop will be available to Office Insiders this month, and then will roll out to all Office 365 customers in coming months.
  • Immersive Reader for Mac Word, iPhone Word, and Android Word will be available to our Office Insiders program this month, and then to all Office 365 customers in coming months.
  • Immersive Reader for OneNote iOS will begin rolling out to Office 365 customers at the beginning of February 2018 and finish by March 2018.
  • Immersive Reader languages for text-to-speech, syllables, and parts-of-speech languages will start to become available today and will continue to roll out through February 2018.
  • Teams iOS and Android updates and Decimal Grading are available worldwide today. Assignment Analytics, Join Codes, and Reuse a Team as a Template will begin to roll out to Office 365 Education customers enrolled in our Teams for Education beta program today. These capabilities will move to worldwide production by Spring 2018.
  • OneNote assignment and grade integration with Capita SIMS will be available in February 2018. Assignment and Grade integration for OneNote for Windows 10, OneNote Online, and OneNote iPad will be available worldwide in February 2018.
  • OneNote Desmos integration is available worldwide today to all Office 365 customers.
  • OneNote Class Notebook Page Locking begins preview testing in February 2018 and will roll out worldwide in the coming months.
  • Recording a PowerPoint and publishing directly to Stream is now available to all Office 365 Education customers.


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