Print a blank calendar from Outlook

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Here’s how to quickly print a blank calendar from Outlook with no appointments, notes etc.

Use a blank printout to roughly plan a week or month in a way not possible in Outlook.

Or save the printout to a PDF that you can write on with a virtual pen.

There are various ways to print a blank calendar, this is probably the easiest.

Make a new Calendar

In Outlook Calendar view, go to Home | Open Calendar then Create New Blank Calendar …

Give the calendar a name like ‘Blank’ and a position in the Outlook folder tree, most likely under your main calendar.

Now go to the Calendar list on the bottom left of calendar view. Select the ‘Blank’ calendar and DEselect all the other calendars.

Now you have a blank calendar, choose File | Print and choose whatever options you like in Define Styles.

  • Select the date range to print
  • Ensure any Daily Tasks or To Do list choices are off.
  • Add Notes area if you like, lined or empty.

Remember to restore your normal calendar selections afterwards.

If this is a ‘one off’ need, delete the blank calendar.  Or keep it in your calendar list, but unselected, so you can use it again in the future.

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