Purple, Prince, Pantone and Microsoft Office

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There’s a special purple color named by Pantone as ‘Love Symbol Number 2’ in honor of the musician Prince. That same purple is possible in Microsoft Word and other Office applications.

Only last year, Pantone teamed with Prince’s estate to announce that PQ 7448C was to be known as Love Symbol Number 2. Now the estate has lodged a trademark application to protect the color.

Love Symbol Number 2

As we’ve seen before Pantone colors have equivalents in Microsoft Office:

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Love Symbol Number 2 in Office

The equivalent of Pantone PQ-7448C in Office is:

RGB: 75 56 76

Use those values in any Office for Windows or Mac color selector.

The HEX/HTML code is : 4B384C̬ if you need the color on a web page or app.

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