Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk

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We’re delighted to announce a new ebook from Office Watch — all about Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk.

In-depth with Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook 365 plus buying and configuration. For anyone with Office for Windows on an Office 365 subscription.

It’s a truly independent guide to Office 365 for Windows. We take the time to test how Office really works, rather than repeating Microsoft’s promises.Office365 Straight Talk tablet - Office 365 for Windows: Straight TalkIn-depth with new parts of Office for Windows and Office 365 customers like Learning Tools, QuickStarter for PowerPoint and Translator for Outlook.

Instant Account Switching lets you quick move between Microsoft accounts without closing Office.

Outlook has a single-line ribbon with many possibilities for changing to suit your needs.

Icons hidden behind this seemingly simple new part of Office are some really useful tricks.

Live subtitles and translation available in PowerPoint.  Speak and your words appear on your slide either in your language or another.

Design Ideas is a really useful addition to PowerPoint.  Add images, text, tables or charts to a slide, then PPT will suggest various formatting options.

Great companion to Windows 10 May 2019 for Microsoft Office users recently updated for the latest update to Windows 10.

Office365 Straight Talk cover - Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk

Dictate, the text-to-speech feature, is now available across Office for Windows.

Stock and Geography data types are the best thing in Excel for years.

Fonts including a full reference of the color Emoji in Office. Premium is a new Office 365 benefit. Explaining the Insider options and whether you should join.

Digital Ink features across Office. Ink Editing in Word, Ink to Shape, Ink to Math and Ink to Text.

Accessibility make documents that are easier to read for people with various disabilities (sight, reading etc.). Focus and Learning Tools.  Improved Read / Dictation options for having a document read aloud to you or you read to your computer.

” Your chapter on buying Office 365 saved me waaay more than the cost of entire book.”  James N, Des Moines.

Renewal Tricks – There are many ways you can save money on both new and renewal of your Office 365 ‘subscription’.  Avoid Microsoft’s tricks that make you pay the highest price for Office 365 renewal.  How to renew Office 365 for the lowest price and get 13 months subscription for the price of 12.  Stretching your annual Office 365 subscription for an extra 3 months, free.

Free updates

Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk will be updated free as Microsoft changes Office 365.  That’s our usual bonus of updating ebooks for existing customers, adding extra value to your purchase.


Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk is only US$12.95 for Office Watch subscribers compared with the retail price of $19.95 – a $7.00 saving – click here. Now over 627 pages, includes updates for Office 365 customers, the many changes since the original release of Office 2016 for Windows.

About Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk

Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk is the successor to our immensely popular Office 2016: the real startup guide.  In late 2018, Microsoft changed the name of Office 2016 for Windows to Office 365 for Windows.  We’ve changed the book title to reflect that and any differences between Office 2016 and what’s now Office 365 for Windows.

Past Purchasers:  anyone who bought Office 2016: the real startup guide after 1 July 2018 (almost a year ago) has received a free upgrade to Office 365 for Windows: Straight Talk.  We’ve emailed all the affected customers and their accounts have already been updated for the new ebook download.

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