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Tag your In-person events in Outlook

Outlook can now mark the difference between a virtual and ‘in-person’ event in your calendar.

It’s part of Microsoft’s “Hybrid” features intended for the modern world where people mix remote and in-office working.

For any calendar event/appointment you might see a switch ‘In-Person Event’.

Turn that on for any occasion where you’ll have a physical presence.

Which Outlooks?

In person event appears for paid Microsoft 365 hosted mailboxes using Outlook (new) and the browser-based Outlook.

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Finding In Person Events

At this point, all ‘In Person Event’ does is add a ‘[In person]’ label to the event title.  That extra text can be deleted.

There’s no option to search for items tagged a ‘In Person Event’. All you can do is search for the text “ [In person] “ assuming that additional text is left in each appointment.

In Person Event isn’t as useful as it could be.  Microsoft has added it quickly as something they can promote in their ‘Hybrid work” hype but without the important follow-through to properly integrate into Outlook.

In-Person vs Virtual

This is the basic form of the In-Person option for responding to online invitations where you can RSVP as attending virtually or in-person.

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