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What about iTunes for Windows?

iTunes has been replaced with separate programs on the new MacOS ‘Catalina’ release.  What does that mean for the future of iTunes for Windows?

Most people use iTunes for Windows to sync music and videos with their iPad or iPhone.  It has many other uses but Windows has it’s own tools for the playing of media or there are many alternatives.

VLC is our ‘go to’ for video playing on Windows, Mac and iPad.  One use of VLC is to preview videos before adding to PowerPoint decks. VLC can play almost any audio or video format, many more than the limited native support in Windows, Mac or devices.

Don M, Office Watch stalwart asks:

“You’ve mentioned the demise of iTunes, but… the iTunes I use takes me directly to INTERNET RADIO. That’s all I use iTunes for.”

Our Mac Catalina article is talking about iTunes on Mac computers … not Windows.

As far as anyone knows, iTunes for Windows is continuing.

iTunes for Windows is a big and resource hungry program … using it just to play online radio is like the proverbial sledgehammer to crack an egg.

Internet Radio options

If you’re just using iTunes to play Internet Radio there are better and easier alternatives.

Playing radio over the Internet just needs your browser.

  • Almost any radio station has a web site with a link to play the station live.  Some have links to play past programs too.  Search for your favorite station and bookmark it.
  • The best of these is the BBC with so many stations and programs available globally. Including the perennial Office Watch favorite – BBC Radio 4.
  • TuneIn streams radio stations from around the globe.  They have apps for Android or Apple devices as well as playing from a browser.
  • is a fun way to find interesting stations.

    Click on the map to hear radio stations from across the globe.

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