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More ideas for social distancing signs

If you’d like to make your social distancing sign stand out, check out some of these examples using animals and objects to explain the distance needed.  And we have some more simple template Word signs for our newsletter readers.

Here’s a simple example from the Sydney University Veterinary Hospital

Use whatever animal is appropriate. In Ohio, the Alpaca barn at a county fair did this:

In northern Queensland, Australia they use the Cassowary.

Nosigner in Japan uses Tuna, Tatami mats and these examples

For more distance ideas, check out these efforts from the UK.  Signs that give the social distance in all manner of measures from tuna (23 tins), marbles (153) to Chihuahuas (7).

Reader Download

We’ve already made some fancy social distancing signs for our Office Watch readers. These downloads are Word documents that can be adapted to your needs.

We’ve been asked for some ‘super simple’ examples so, inspired by the spacing ideas, we’ve added a new download document with two more signs.

Both signs use a full page Word table to position the text and images.  Table Layout | View Gridlines reveals the cells that don’t show up when printed.

Open these Word signs and change them to suit.

  • Switch animals to whatever local wildlife you like.
  • Alter the text – use feet or meters.
  • Change the image or text colors.
  • Change the background color

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Social Distancing signs in Microsoft Word

Great OPEN signs in Word for any business

I Love signs in Word or PowerPoint

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