Save over €30 on Europe deal for Microsoft 365 - but hurry!

Discounts on Microsoft 365 Family (formerly Home) are rare these days but Amazon in Europe (Deutschland, France etc) have a Cyber Monday offer worth grabbing. Save more than €30 on the regular price of a one year renewal.

Amazon Deutschland are selling the £99 package for just £62.07 on Monday 30 Nov only.

Amazon France are selling the £99 package for just £70.11 on Monday 30 Nov only.

It’s worth checking Amazon in other European countries. We don’t know why the French price is €8 more than in Germany.

US, Canada and Australia — miss out.  No Cyber Monday deals on Microsoft 365 in any of those countries.

The deal ends at midnight Monday 30th Nov. It’s supplied by Amazon direct, no worries about a dodgy third-party deal.

A few notes to remember:

  • Delivery can be via email or a product key card sent in the mail.
    • If the Microsoft 365 is for you then ‘Activation Code by Email’ is OK.
    • If it’s a gift to someone else, choose the product key card or ‘Activation Code in Box’ option.
    • If you’re uncertain, choose ‘Activation Code in Box’ then you can figure it out later (it’s not hard)
  • Make sure you choose Microsoft 365 Family – 6 users — not Personal – 1 user (no discount on that).
  • Renew anytime. A reminder that a Microsoft 365 subscription can be extended anytime – not just near renewal. Some readers buy two or three years worth when they see a good deal. Microsoft allows a subscription to be extended up to five years ahead.
  • UK users of Microsoft 365 Family only — plans can’t be purchased and used across borders.

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