Microsoft 365 great deal now from Walmart

Walmart in the US has had a good deal on Microsoft 365 Family edition, saving $54 on the standard price. Used for renewing/extending an existing Family plan or joining for the first time.

Update: Two Microsoft 365 deals to get, while they last

The offer is for a 15-month extension/start to Microsoft 365 Family for US$69.99 plus tax.  That’s the equivalent of $56 for a year, instead of $99.99.

Walmart undersells the discount by comparing the 15-month deal with the 12-month regular $99.99 price. The correct comparison is paying $69.99 instead of $124.98 for 15-months of Microsoft 365 Family.

Unlike some other online retailers, there doesn’t appear to be any traps, like forcing automatic renewals.

Here’s the link  (no affiliate commission)

With digital delivery you can use it to extend an existing Microsoft 365 Family plan. See step 5 of six simple steps for saving on renewals or first purchase of Microsoft 365.  Any Microsoft 365 consumer plan can be extended up to five years.

Discounts on Microsoft 365 consumer plans are rarer than they were a few years ago.

Six simple steps for saving on renewals or first purchase of Microsoft 365
New Microsoft 365 renewal traps from Amazon, Best Buy etc.

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