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A faster way to delete ink in OneNote

OneNote is getting a new and faster way to delete digital ink using the ‘scratch out’ or scribble gesture.  As usual, there’s devil in the details to keep in mind.

The basics are simple, so simple that it’s a little surprising that the erase gesture isn’t already available. 

To delete an ink object on a OneNote page, use either delete gesture – the ‘zig zag’ or ‘loop’ like this.

Source: Microsoft

That’s faster than switching to the eraser (Stroke Eraser) to delete, then back again afterwards.

Digital Ink Only

The ‘scratch out’ gesture only works to remove digital ink on OneNote pages.  Text, pictures or other objects can’t be deleted.

Turn off fast erase

Don’t like the delete gesture?  Go to File | Options | Advanced | Pen and uncheck the option  Enable the scratch-out gesture while inking.

Who gets it?

First in OneNote for Windows (not OneNote for Windows 10) Insiders Beta Channel users v 2304 build16322.10000. Gradually to more Insiders and eventually public releases.

Hopefully the feature will spread to OneNote for Mac and mobile platforms.

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