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Get 25% off on Microsoft 365 Single/Personal from Amazon in Europe

Amazon’s European sites are offering good deals on Microsoft 365 Personal (in Deutsch “Microsoft 365 Single”) The best deal is around €4.35 a month.

We’ll look at each offer, figure out which is best and how to avoid the traps.  We’ve found similar good deals for the six-user Microsoft 365 Family

Our links are to the Deutsch/German site but the same Euro prices should apply in other EU countries, while the offer lasts. The offers are supplied by Amazon directly, not a third-party.

All the offers are for Microsoft 365 Personal (aka Microsoft 365 Personal) either new or existing customers. The Personal/Single plan works for one person to get the latest Office 365 software (Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook) for either Windows or Mac plus Apple and Android apps. Also 1TB of OneDrive online storage, ClipChamp video editing and Publisher (Windows only).

€52.35 for a year of Microsoft 365 Single/Personal

A year of Microsoft 365 Personal usually costs €69.99 so €52.35 is a good deal, 25% off the regular price.

That’s €4.36 per month

€64.99 for a 15 months of Microsoft 365 Single

The best deal (just) is a common bundled offer, Microsoft 365 Single plus a limited subscription to some other software (usually anti-virus) for €64.99 for 15 months.

That’s the lowest price of these Amazon offers, 15 months is €4.33 per month, 26% off the regular price.

There’s not a lot of difference between the two offers, just 3 Euro cents a month or €0.36 for the year. Choose whichever one suits you, we’d suggest the 12 month €52.35 offer just to avoid the additional complication of getting software you don’t want or need.

Ignore the extra software

There are two offers at the same price, Microsoft 365 Personal/Single 15 months plus either:

  • Norton 360 Deluxe
  • McAfee Total Protection

It doesn’t matter which one you choose, if you’re only going to use the Microsoft 365 software.

Our long standing advice for these offers is to carefully check the price, ignoring the additional software. If the price is good for Microsoft 365 alone, then buy the bundle and ignore the extra software (i.e. don’t install it).

The extra software is usually a limited subscription with the makers hoping the unwary will pay for more time.  These days Windows alone has good security protection and extra software is not necessary.

Prices are correct at the time of writing but might change at any time. Check the price and offer (especially number of months) before buying.

As usual, the links we provide do NOT include any commission or payment to us. Amazon doesn’t like sites, like ours, that show and analyze prices or criticize them.

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