Windows Movie Maker is still available

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Windows Movie Maker is a simple and free video editor from Microsoft.  Officially it’s no longer available but it’s still available if you know the magic spell.

Earlier this month we explained how to get the much-loved Office Picture Manager even though it’s been officially removed from Office.

Movie Maker was part of Windows Essentials, a package of free programs from Microsoft.  Most of them are either defunct (Messenger) or superceded (Editor), only Movie Maker still has a place.

As a simple video editor, Windows Movie Maker is great.  You can put together video clips, add captions, audio, titles and end credits.  Various effects, animations and transitions are available.

Use WMM to make a short video for insertion into a PowerPoint presentation.

Windows Movie Maker 2012 works fine on Windows 10,  Windows 8/8.1 and Windows 7.

windows movie maker is still available 12716 - Windows Movie Maker is still available

Officially, Microsoft has stopped supplying Windows Essentials 2012 (the last release).  Strangely, you can still downloaded the small installer (wlsetup-web.exe 1.2MB)  from but that app can’t grab the larger install files.

The Whole Package

Microsoft also released Windows Essentials 2012 as a single ‘all inclusive’ download – wlsetup-all.exe 134MB .  This single file has all you need to install Windows Movie Maker and other apps.

It’s safe practice to only download programs from original, known and trusted sources …  but this is an exception. Since you can’t get the download from Microsoft (unless it’s hiding somewhere on Redmond’s many servers) you’re forced to look elsewhere.

We found the larger download available – a Microsoft owned domain (English).

We’ve listed all the language variants below.

Keep it

We strongly suggest keeping and storing safely the Windows Essentials 2012 full installer.  That will save you hunting around and downloading again if you need to reinstall.

Rename  wlsetup-all.exe to something more obvious like:

wlsetup-all  Windows Essentials 2012 with Movie Maker.exe

that keeps the original file name plus enough extra words to make it easy to find.


Installing Windows Essentials 2012 is simple.  Don’t use the default ‘Install all’ option.  Instead select ‘Choose the programs you want to install’.

windows movie maker is still available 12718 - Windows Movie Maker is still available

Then deselect everything except ‘PhotoGallery and Movie Maker’.  From there the installation should proceed normally.

Windows Essentials 2012 – full download, all languages downloads.

Here’s the full list of download options for Windows Essential 2012.


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