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Automatically marking newsletters as 'not spam' at Gmail

Here’s how to stop Office Watch, or other newsletters, from being moved from the Gmail Inbox to the ‘Spam’ folder or their ‘Promotions’ tab.

At the moment neither Office Watch nor our friends at Popbitch are considered ‘spam’ by Gmail, but that can change.

Any changes you make to Gmail’s settings have to be made in their web browser interface.  Outlook software settings have no effect on your Gmail account.

Promotions tab

Gmail tries to detect legitimate promotional emails and put them into a Promotions ‘folder’ or tab.

Moving a message from Promotions to the primary Inbox is available on the right-mouse click.

That only moves the selected message, but when you make that change Gmail gives you the choice to move future messages as well.  Look for the yellow box near the top of the page.

Click on ‘Yes’ and you’ll see a confirmation.

It’s not clear where Gmail saves this preference, it’s not in the Filtering settings or anywhere else we can find.

To put a current and future Inbox messages into Promotions, right-click then Move to tab | Promotions, click Yes to the ‘Do this for future messages …’ prompt.

Spam Folder

If a message you want is in the Gmail Spam folder, just right-click and choose ‘Not Spam’.

The yellow box will appear to confirm that the message has been moved to your Inbox and the ‘spam’ tag removed.

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