Learn Word from a blackboard drawing!

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Think learning Office is hard?

Spare a thought for this teacher in Ghana who teaches Word without a computer. He draws Word on a blackboard to teach the program.

Source: Ghafla.com

It’s an amazing piece of work.  Yes, it’s pre-ribbon Microsoft Office, Office 2003 or before.

The whole story would be interesting to hear, we are talking about an Internet story so some caution is always advisable.

Does the teacher really not have a computer or is the blackboard just a large version to teach a class who have laptops?

Source: Ghafla.com

Still, it’s worth keeping educators like this in mind when you’re next in a class with ‘first world problems’ like no whiteboard markers or a wonky large screen display.

Peter met a child only yesterday in Jackson, Mississippi who had never seen a blackboard … all his classes have whiteboards.

There’s people in the world who do a lot more with a whole lot less.

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