July Security updates for Office and PDF

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Patch Tuesday included the usual bug fixes for more security holes in Microsoft Office plus an important Adobe PDF reader update.

The Microsoft Office updates should be applied automatically but the Adobe Reader might need a manual update, instructions below.

Windows bug fixes are available for Windows 10, 8.1 and 7.  Overall, it’s Microsoft continuing to fix the seemingly endless security holes in their products.

Microsoft Office updates

Most of the security bugs are yet more ‘remote code vulnerability’ holes in Office.  In other words, ways that hackers can use to gain access to your computer.  This month alone Microsoft has patched 54 security holes in their products, 27 of them allow remote hackers access to a computer.

There are bug fixes for Office 2016, Office 2013 and Office 2010.  Some of the patches are for the same problem affecting all three versions of Office.

Office 2016

KB4022172 and KB4022176— Patches a remote code execution vulnerability in Microsoft Office.

KB4018338  Security update for Access fixes vulnerabilities that could allow remote code execution attacks.

KB4022221 Skype for Business 2016 update. Fixes remote code execution vulnerabilities.

KB4022218 Word 2016 update that patches remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Office 2013

Some of the above plus:

KB4022225  Skype for Business 2015 update that fixes remote code execution vulnerabilities.

Office 2010

Some of the Office 2016 fixes plus:
 Fixes issues that could lead to remote code execution.

Microsoft updates

The Microsoft dump of bug fixes this month is mostly browser related.  Microsoft Edge and some Adobe Flash fixes.

A few that caught our eye:

Lazy FP State Restore is a processor related side-channel security bug similar to the Meltdown/Spectre chip issues from earlier this year.

Microsoft Research JavaScript Cryptography Library – anything related to the core cryptography systems raises concerns.

Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter V2 Software – we like the MS Wireless display adapter but it’s surprising to see its modest configuration program on the security bug list.

Tip: After patching the v2 software, you might as well update the firmware on the adapter itself.

Adobe Reader update

Adobe has updated Adobe Reader (Windows 10 uses Adobe Reader DC) as part of patches for  more than 100 security problems in their products.

The Adobe Reader isn’t just for viewing PDF files directly, it also lets you preview PDF attachments in the Outlook reading/preview pane.

If you use another PDF reader, those products might also be releasing updates.

To update open Adobe Reader then Help | Check for Updates.  The 10 July 2018 update is 18.011.20040.

july security updates for office and pdf 19662 - July Security updates for Office and PDF

The update should not take long to download and install.  We saw a reboot warning but it wasn’t necessary.


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