Office 365 breakdown enrages customers

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Yet another breakdown of Office 365 servers makes like difficult for customers.

Users were unable to login with their Office apps or to Microsoft hosted Exchange Servers.  It’s not clear how widespread the problems were.

It happened on 31 October 2018 but took twelve hours to repair.  That’s a disappointingly long time.  It seems Microsoft took too long to realize there was a serious bug that needed fixing, which is becoming a too familiar story from Redmond.

The cause of the outage was some new patches to their server software which caused more problems than they solved.  Buggy patches are another Microsoft problem that we’ve been reporting way too often.

Office 365 infrastructure is now vital, not just for business or education users. The changes to Office 365 licencing in October mean the desktop software will not work without a valid Office account login.  If Microsoft’s servers breakdown, Office 365 Personal, Home and University customers won’t be able to use the software they paid for.

One affected user, Dr Rich Willis appreciated the irony of Microsoft’s promises of ‘holistic security’.

office 365 breakdown enrages customers microsoft office 24459 - Office 365 breakdown enrages customers

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