Sorry John Oliver, there’s no Calligrapher font in Word

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A rare factual error in Last Week Tonight with John Oliver that, amazingly, is related to Microsoft Word.

In an item about The White House Calligrapher, Oliver said the job was easy because there’s already a font with the job title in Microsoft Word.  And he shows a Word for Mac font list with a Calligrapher font in it.

From Last Week Tonight with John Oliver, 4 March 2018

Sorry John, good joke but it ain’t so …

Calligrapher font is NOT supplied with Word for Windows or Word for Mac or the operating systems.

In the spirit of Private Eye magazine’s pedantry column … Yes, we will try to get out more <g>.

Calligrapher font

It might not come with MS Word but there is a Calligrapher font that you can install free on Windows or Mac.

Calligrapher is available from various sites as a True Type font.

Try  or–Normal  among many.

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