Have a happy Year of the Pig emoji in Word and Office

It’s the Chinese Year of the Pig and there are some symbols in Word, Excel and PowerPoint to mark the occasion in Office for Windows or Mac.

The Unicode standard has three Pig related emoji, Pig, Pig Face and Pig Nose.  Once you know the names or hex value, they can be found with the right font.


Pig Face – 1F437

Pig Nose – 1F43D

Office for Windows

Office for Windows has at least two fonts which support Unicode emoji.

Segoe UI Emoji has color emoji.  Not all programs support color fonts, but modern Word does.

Segoe UI Symbol also has emoji but in solid color only (default is black).

Office for Mac emoji

Ignore the Insert | Advanced Symbol feature in Office for Mac … it’s useless.

Instead, press Control + Command + Spacebar to open the MacOS Character Viewer

There’s a nice Search option at top right, type in word like ‘Pig’ to find emoji or characters that suit.

GongXi  GongXi

Just for fun, some insufferably cute Chinese Pigs … with English subtitles!


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