Make Diagonal Text in Word

Are you exploring ways to enhance a graphical presentation, make your word document more appealing, trying to make the text diagonal or be it a simple diagonal display of watermark across each page of your document? Look no further, In Microsoft Word, a text box can do all of that and a lot more.

In Word, the text box can turn out to be a graphic element to enhance a written document. But before you can become a text box expert, let us play around this tool.

Making Diagonal Text Using a Text Box

Easiest way to start is to insert your text into a text box and then rotate the text box. To do so:

Go to the Insert tab and in the Text, group click Text Box

From the drop-down gallery select Simple Text Box.

The text box will appear on your Word document with some default text in it. Double click to override the default text with your own text. Once you are done typing inside the text box you can also spruce up the text the very same way as any other text in your Word document. Fine tune the text using options provided in the Font and Paragraph section.

Adjusting to Diagonal

Click anywhere inside the text box to adjust the angle of your text box. In our case let us make it diagonal.

Do you see a semi-circular arrow on top of the text box? Now use this semi-circular arrow at the top of the box to rotate your text to make it diagonal.

Little things to confirm make sure the text box is selected. You can easily notice if the text box is selected by noticing the resizing handles on the edges and corners.

Click and hold the semi-circular arrow, and then drag to rotate your text box. You can decide to move it in clockwise or anticlockwise direction the way you would like your text to appear.

Either way you get your desired diagonal text.

Now if you do not like the placement of your text box, try moving the text box by simply hovering your cursor over it until you see the cursor turn into a four way directional arrow , and then click and drag it to your desired section in the word document.

If you do not like to see borders on the text box, you can easily get rid of them, right click on the text box and select Format Shape.

In the format shape, expand the Line option and select No line.

The border disappears from the text, and all you get is a lovely diagonal text without any borders.

Making Diagonal Text with WordArt

If you are bored looking at the normal diagonal text, the good news is that Microsoft Word also provides you with the fancy of displaying diagonal text using stylized text boxes. You can do this by using WordArt.

WordArt, just like any other text box has a lot of pre-defined letters. Click the style you want to enhance your document with.

 Apply the same rules you applied when inserting a text box. Go to “Insert” tab.

  • Instead of selecting text box choose WordArt
  • Now select one of the pre-defined styles and then start typing in the box
  • You may choose to modify the size and shape of the box and modify the text that suits your requirement.

Click and hold on the semicircular arrow at the top of the box.

Rotate away in whatever direction you would like. Now you have a beautiful, diagonal text.

Remember, Word is not just limited to rotating text to diagonal angle if you have any specific angle Word can help you rotate to a specific angle as well.

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