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Beware the Mackenzie Scott (Bezos) scam email

It was predicable that the Bezos divorce would lead to scam emails pretending to come from the former Mrs Bezos, now Mackenzie Scott.

Mackenzie Scott is now the fourth richest woman in the world, following the divorce settlement with the Amazon founder.  Though show might not hold that position for long as she gives away billions of dollars to charity.

This scam email will probably trick some people even though it comes from a .ru (Russian) email address.

Source: James Fallows on Twitter

I’m Mackenzie Scott Ex-wife of Amazon founder and CEO. I’m donating Four Billion Dollars to charities, individuals, colleges across the Globe from Scott’s foundation, to provide immediate support to people suffering economically from COVID-19 pandemic and you’re one of the lucky winners. I have a donation grant worth Hundred Million  And Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars for you. you can contact me for more information if you’re interested.
Mackenzie Scott.

The amount offered to the ‘lucky’ winners is $100,800,000 – probably to make it seem more plausible.  Giving the amount in words is probably an attempt to bypass spam email checks.

There’s no link in this message, just a request to reply. Anyone foolish enough to reply will presumably lured into handing over money or personal info. Auto-responses to the email can be be used to identify working addresses to target with more messages.

Obviously, ignore emails like this and definitely don’t reply.

A risk of spam filters – you might miss a real prize!

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