Discover who is sharing your Microsoft 365 Family plan?

If you’re the owner of a Microsoft 365 Family plan how can you find out who the plan is shared with and control their access?

Microsoft 365 Family plans can be shared among six people, after a while it can be hard to remember who you’ve shared with and exactly which email address (Microsoft account) is linked for each.

Each Microsoft 365 Family user get full access to the Office 365 apps (Word, Excel etc) for Windows, Mac and mobile devices.

They also get 1Terabyte each of OneDrive online storage.  Each account has separate and private OneDrive quotas which the other plan members cannot see.

Now that Microsoft 365 has been running for a few years, some Family plan owners can lose track of who the plan is shared with.

Login to then go to Services & subscriptions then Share Microsoft 365 Family

Share your Microsoft 365 subscription

Under Share your Microsoft 365 subscription is a list of ‘Other people’ or who the plan is shared with.  Including the email address each person is using with their Microsoft account which is an important detail because many of us have more than one MS account.

Your choices for each shared person are:

Invite to family – make the person part of a Microsoft Family connection.

Stop sharing – discontinue that persons access to Microsoft 365 services.

And there’s also Start Sharing to add someone else to your Microsoft 365 plan.

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