Make a new Office file within Microsoft Teams

Not only can Teams share Word, Excel or PowerPoint files, but you can also make new documents right in Teams or upload existing documents.

Create a New File

You can easily create a new file within Teams for Word, Excel, PowerPoint or OneNote from the New pull-down list at left.  Or make a new folder.

Once created, you can save the document under the title of your choice and begin editing it directly from Teams. Your team members are also able to access to document to edit.

Upload an Existing File

If you already have an existing file to upload onto Teams, you can use two simple methods.

Firstly, you have the option of selecting the Upload tab which will allow you to search for a file or whole folder to upload.

Once you have selected your file you then select Open to upload the file.

Alternatively, just drag and drop a file from wherever it is situated on your computer, into the Microsoft Teams window directly, which will place a copy of your file into Teams.

Once you have uploaded the file, it will be available by any member of your team to edit or use. Similarly, with SharePoint, you can make your files accessible by pinning certain files at the top of your list.

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