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Former Microsoft staffer to become Queen

In January 2024 a former Microsoft employee will become a Queen. A real live Queen from a noble and respected European royal house not some nerdy or made-up social media title.

Source: Wikimedia

The former Mary Donaldson of Hobart, Australia and past employee of Microsoft Denmark is now better known as Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, Countess of MonpezatR.E.

Today, Queen Margrethe II of Denmark 🇩🇰 announced that she would abdicate the throne on 14 January 2024. That means her son, Crown Prince Frederik will become King and his wife, Mary, will be Queen.

Before her marriage, Mary Donaldson was a Project Consultant for Microsoft Denmark. Many Microsoft employees have gone onto bigger and greater things after leaving the company, but none have risen so high.

Among the titles held by the upcoming Queen is R.E from the Danish Order of the Elephant from a country known for its elephant herds🐘🐘😀.

That also means that an Australian will be the next Queen of Denmark🇩🇰. In other words, Aussie girl does REAL good … congratulations!

OTOH, it also means that Denmark is getting an Australian Head of State before Australia has an Australian as Head of State.

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