Word: get a list of styles in a document

Word lets us down when it comes to viewing a documents styles and how they link together.

The only way to see a detailed list of styles is to Print them!  In the print pane, choose the print what list and you’ll see the little known ‘Styles’ option.

(Tip: Use Print to PDF to save wasting paper).

The report looks like this:

It can be hard to understand the relations between styles in a document made by someone else or even one you made yourself!

There’s no ‘Comments’ box in a style to let users explain or narrate the reasons for a particular style.

A style doesn’t have a ‘used as base for …’ display so you can see which styles rely on the current style.  In other words, there’s no simple way to tell that changing a particular style will have ‘flow on’ effects to others.

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