2001 movie design: using in Office, Word or PowerPoint

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How to use our ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ examples as inspiration or a starting point for your own look in Word or PowerPoint.

PowerPoint slides

Moving from film stills to PowerPoint slides is fairly straightforward.

You could open a presentation with a slide that evokes the opening of ‘2001’ then slides for the start of each section that look like the computer screens.  Here’s some title and section slides.

Whether anyone understands the reference might not matter.  It’s a different look from the standard slides.

Word documents

The main titles from ‘2001’ can become the headings for a document.  Use the same font, white text and a solid background.

In your document could become:

Sub-headings could be the same font, but mixed case.

Or a different color

Or switch both color and font (here we’re used the same font as ‘The Dawn of Man’ title)

If you’d like to continue the ‘3 letter’ notion from the slides, add the extra letters using a Right tab or some other combination.

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