Beat the Office 2019 Price rises

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Microsoft has raised the prices of Office 2019, but there are still ways to beat the price rise.

As widely expected, Microsoft upped the retail price of Office 2019.  The official price increases are up to 10%.

Office 2019 Home & Student remains at the same price, $149.99, keeping the entry price for Office the same.

Office 2019 Home & Business goes up $20 to $249.99. Pay $100 more just for Microsoft Outlook.

Office 2019 Professional gets a $40 increase to $439.99. Microsoft figures people wanting the full Pro bundle will fork over the extra cash.

It’s all part of Microsoft unspoken but unmistakable strategy of discouraging people from buying Office 2019 and instead signing up for Office 365.

Remember that Office 2019 has less features and less support than Office 365 software/annual payment.  Each purchase is for a single PC or Mac only.

Office 2019 savings

The official prices aren’t the whole story.  As usual, a bit of online shopping around will save you money.

We found the best prices on Amazon, the download (not key card) option.

Home & Student can be had for $20 less.

Home & Business should be available for about the same as the Office 2016 official price. Saving you from Microsoft’s $20 price hike.

Professional there’s rarely savings on the Professional bundle because there’s less demand.  If you’re interested in Office 2019 Professional, keep an eye on the price and grab one if there’s an offer available.

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