Oxford Comma dispute settled

There’s joy and celebrations in the streets of Maine as their Oxford Comma dispute is settled. Even Microsoft Word approves the new law!  The missing comma only cost $5 million plus legal fees.

A quick follow up to our 2017 story about a legal dispute around the lack of an Oxford Comma.

The two parties have now settled their troubles, costing about $5 million.

Meantime the Maine legislature has fixed the originally, poorly punctuated, law which caused the problem in the first place.  Their solution was to go crazy with the semi-colon key.

Maine Title 26 Section 664, 3 F as rendered in MS Word.

The law now uses eight semi-colons in the paragraph instead of the previous seven commas.   You could argue that the new wording is an abuse of the semi-colon but at least it’s clear for lawyers and judges.

The most important question is … does Microsoft approve the new phrasing?  Yes!  Microsoft Word doesn’t have a single complaint, as you can see from the above image.

I’m sure the good people of Maine are relieved <g>.



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